London Stock Exchange not impressed with the latest European Commission stipulation for their merger

Exactly one year and four days ago it was announced the London Stock Exchange was in discussions with Deutsche Boerse about a merger, and approximately four hours ago the arrangement appears to have stalled.

Dow & Dupont Merger is bound to cause a chemical reaction on Capitol Hill

The upcoming US election and newly-announced merger of Dow and Dupont could see US legislators looking at corporate M&A activity more closely to close off large tax loopholes

Is Pfizer looking for another shot of Botox?

News that Pfizer is again interested in merging with Allergan means yet another possible pharma transaction could be on the cards and may result in the creation of the largest pharma company by market capitalisation

When a rumoured deal isn’t quite a rumoured deal

If you were to run a search in Google today looking for articles relating to a possible “Merger of Finnair and Scandinavian Airline Systems (SAS)”, then you would return a significant number of hits.