A warm “Selamat Datang” to Private Equity from Malaysia

Although Singapore has traditionally been the most popular investment destination within the ASEAN region, sentiment displayed at the 2nd Annual Private Equity Forum in Malaysia is that there is also plenty of potential for exciting investment in Malaysian companies.

Mid-Autumn IPO for Mooncake manufacturer?

According to the South China Morning Post this morning, China Angel Foods, the Singapore-based bakery chain and catering company is considering an IPO.


Yet another luxury brand looks East

Barely a couple of weeks pass without another company that is classed as a luxury brand being linked to a listing in Asia.

Manchester United linked with Asian IPO goal

This is the latest in a long line of stories linking the Glazers to a partial or full sale of the club.

A not-so-little piece of home in Thailand

The idea of nipping from the picturesque beaches of Thailand over the road to a Tesco isn’t my idea of paradise.