The Nordic’s flagship SAS sees two of its government shareholders reduce their stake – could this lead the way for a takeover?

Yesterday saw the announcement that the Swedish and Norwegian governments had reduced their shareholding in the region’s flagship airline to 17.2 per cent and 11.5 per cent, respectively, however the Danish government at this point has not shown any inclination to join in and sell any of its 14.2 per cent holding.

When a rumoured deal isn’t quite a rumoured deal

If you were to run a search in Google today looking for articles relating to a possible “Merger of Finnair and Scandinavian Airline Systems (SAS)”, then you would return a significant number of hits.

Positive outlook from Nordic advisors

Last week I was in Scandinavia and I had the pleasure of meeting with a number of Nordic-based M&A professionals from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.