SodaStream, the 70s’ must have product, finds itself subject to an acquisition from Pepsico

When I was a kid, the only household product that I think all children were genuinely jealous of (if one of their friends had one at home) was SodaStream. The home carbonation product, which enabled households to create their own fizzy drinks by adding fruit-flavoured concentrates to carbonated water, was a genuine must-have gadget for kitchens in the 70s and early 80s. The company, based in Israel, also partnered with several famous brands at the time, such as Tizer, Fanta, and Irn-Bru, enabling households to recreate their own versions of these drinks. We never had one at my home, and to be honest I wasn’t even aware that the company was still operating until about three years ago, when I went to someone’s house and they had the “twenty-tens” version of the SodaStream and were using it to satisfy the last decade’s trend of drinking sparkling water and proceeded to use it to deal with my request for a glass of sparkling water.

Therefore, given both Coca-Cola Co and Pepsico’s increasing shift over the last few years to expand their ranges to include products reflective of a more health-conscious consumer, I guess it is no surprise to see that Pepsico has tabled a USD 3.2bn offer for SodaStream, which was announced a couple of days ago.

Pepsico does already own more health-conscious brands such as Tropicana, Naked and Aquafina, which is available in both still and flavoured sparkling options. However, the acquisition of SodaStream would enable Pepsico to capitalise on the SodaStream stance of providing a healthy option in a more environmentally-friendly way as SodaStream consumers are not using plastic bottles as part of their consumption.

With Pepsico’s branding and global marketing campaigns, we could again find ourselves looking at SodaStream as the next “must have” home gadget!


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