When sport mimics corporate life

Less than one month on from purchasing Blackburn Rovers football club, the new owners have dismissed Sam Allardyce the manager. I am not a Blackburn Rovers fan, but I do find it fascinating and perhaps even slightly alarming that the business of sport is becoming more and more like corporate life.

The manager of any football club is in effect the public face of the club, so in corporate terms "manager" = CEO. Mr Allardyce did not have a poor performance record relatively speaking; the club performed better last year than the previous year, finishing 10th compared with 15th the year before. And despite a recent thrashing by a competitor it was still sitting 13th with over half the season still remaining. So whilst the interim results aren't great there is still time for an improvement before the end of the year / season.

So often acquisitions are made and changes at the top can be swiftly and ruthlessly executed by the acquiror. This happens not just in football acquisitions but across all sectors; a high profile and big hitting replacement is usually on the way as the replacement CEO.

If we believe what we read then I can't wait to see the new "CEO" - Mr Diego Maradona - emerge from amid the Lancashire hills to run Blackburn football club in his own un-replicable style!

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