The sun is shining on African Private Equity

I am currently in Cape Town, having been invited to speak at the 2014 African Private Equity conference.

As of the end of November private equity deals involving African companies had reached the value of over USD 5bn for the year, making this the best year for deals since 2006.

Attendees of the conference are also positive about the future potential the continent has as a source of potential deals. While the absolute size of the deals may not compare with those happening in more established regions, Africa, with its growing economy and increasing middle class, can provide opportunities.

Limited Partners (LP) wanting to invest in the continent will find talented, well established and knowledgeable General Partners (GP) and intermediaries who know and understand the 55 different economies well.

Returns may take slightly longer to realise, but picking the right GP will help LP's maximise the potential this diverse continent has.

Raise your wine glass to Africa and its evolving Private Equity market.