Just Eat chomps up another two rivals!

Just Eat, the UK-based online food delivery company, has today announced two more acquisitions, notching up its 15th and 16th purchases since its 2014 listing on the London Stock Exchange. Having started from humble beginnings, the two acquisitions announced today - of Canadian company Skip the Dishes for GBP 66m and UK-based Hungryhouse Holdings for up to GBP 240 million - bring its total disclosed spend on deals to just over GBP 1.3bn in a little over 2 years.

The rapid expansion of Just Eat has seen the business, which originally started in a Danish basement in 2001, grow to operate in 12 markets around the world and provide 100 different food type choices for their 15 million-plus customers from over 60,000 restaurants. The rapid growth of the food delivery market, estimated already to be worth EUR 83bn in a recent study conducted by McKinsey, typically consists of two types of players - those that provide online aggregating platforms allowing customers to browse menus, place an order and have the food delivered like Just Eat, and the new “delivery” players who allow customers to compare offerings and order meals from a group of restaurants through a single website or app.

Whilst I can really see the attraction of using these services and have successfully used them myself when I resided at an easily locatable address, it has been rather problematic when I have tried to use local restaurants’ home delivery services as I now live in a more “rural” location. When the driver eventually found us, having called for help as his GPS couldn’t locate my house, the food needed re-heating, which never really helps with food quality. I can’t comment as to whether this would be an issue for Just Eat, but I do hope that consideration is being given to the location technology side of things for the benefit of all customers, even those that are difficult to find (!), so that the concept of restaurant grade food in your own home continues to take off.