LA Dodgers to hit a home run for their owner?

The bidding war for the LA Dodgers, put up for sale as a result of a messy divorce by their owner Mr Frank McCourt, is escalating. Press sources are stating that the second round of bids has led to offers of between $1.2 and $1.5bn, despite the Dodgers also filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last summer.

The level of interest in the LA Dodgers demonstrates that, despite everything happening in the global economy currently, buyers can be tempted to part with their hard earned cash if the target is considered to be a potential marque company or brand. This is despite the fact that on paper the Dodgers don't look that healthy and are currently going through financial reorganisation as part of their Chapter 11 filing.

The LA Dodgers and the New York Yankees are probably the two most widely recognised baseball team names that people without any knowledge of baseball outside of the US could actually name, thus proving that a global brand always proves more than helpful when trying to sell a business that has issues.

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