Asahi Group says “cheers” to Peroni & Grolsch

A consequence of AB InBev’s ongoing proposed USD 131bn takeover of SABMiller was that some of the SABMiller businesses should be sold off in order to satisfy regulatory requirements and allow the deal to close.

Two high profile SABMiller beer businesses appear to be the next in line to have new owners with yesterday’s announcement that Asahi, the Japanese beer manufacturer, was prepared to pay just over USD 3.2bn for Peroni and Grolsch. AB's majority-stake in MillerCoors, the US brewer, is on its way to MoltonCoors for USD 12bn, and there are also rumours about SABMiller's Chinese joint venture, CR Snow, being up for sale.

Beer is big business in Japan, and is reportedly the nation’s favourite alcoholic tipple with Asahi Group holding a 38.0 per cent share of the total market over its competitors; Kirin, Sapporo, and Suntory.

Should the deal proceed, this would provide a heady cocktail for Asahi of two premium European brands to tantalise Japanese taste buds and provide a route to new European markets for Asahi’s own premium beer, Asahi Super Dry.