Even more technology to confuse and mystify those of us who are technophobes

This morning it was announced that BSkyB has acquired a 10.0% stake in Zeebox for an undisclosed value. According to its website, Zeebox, a company that was established only a couple of months ago by former BBC technology chief Anthony Rose, “is the new way to watch television” via a free app that can be downloaded to your computer or iPad. Apparently it is “social, connecting you to your TV – watching friends, so you can chat, share and tweet about whatever’s on”.

I can completely understand why BSkyB have made this acquisition in terms of investing in a young company, whose service dovetails perfectly with the social networking phenomenon that appears to be heading towards world dominance. Whilst one newspaper article has referred to the price being an undisclosed multi-million pound sum, I would imagine that the price paid now compared to the potential price paid, say, within the next couple of years when other companies might be interested, is no doubt considered to be an investment for the future in terms of broader potential revenue and opportunities it might bring to BSkyB. The deal also opens up another advertising revenue opportunity for BSkyB as part of the deal allows BSkyB’s advertising sales company, Sky Media, to sell product placement around the service.