“Private Equity buyers with a sweet tooth target Twinkies”

Household brands often excite a lot of interested parties when they become available to buy, and Hostess Brands, which filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy late last year, has proven to be no exception.

Hostess is most famous for its “Twinkies” brand, the American snack that is essentially a sponge cake filled with butter cream, which first launched back in the 1930s. According to reports in the press yesterday, private equity firms Apollo Global and C Dean Metropoulos & Co are on the verge of striking a deal to buy the Twinkies brand and other cake assets as part of the court auction of all of the various Hostess activities.

Whilst a judge ultimately has the final say on whose offer would be approved in bankruptcy asset sales like these, well known and iconic brands will always attract interest from a wide range of potential buyers.

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