2015 – What a year! Does the hangover start now?

Happy New Year to dealmakers across the world and congratulations on a spectacular 2015 in terms of the quantity and quality of the deals announced and closed in the course of a record 12 months of deal making.

I finished for my holidays on Friday 18th and having been tracking the “numbers” throughout the year it was already apparent to me and many others that 2015 was going to be a record year in terms of the value of globally announced transactions. But I am sure that 2015 has exceeded the high expectations of a lot of people, with announced deal levels breaking the USD 5 trillion level! A major factor in the success of 2015 is the sheer number of mega deals that were announced. 2015 saw 66 “mega” deals (deals greater than USD 10bn) announced, with 21 of those announced in Q4 alone. This compares with the 49 announced in the whole of 2007, with the highest total in a quarter being the 20 deals greater than USD 10bn that were announced in Q2. Of the 66 mega deals announced in 2015 just over half of them have yet to complete and as we all know a deal announcement is not necessarily a guarantee of the deal completing, but if everything goes according to plan this will provide a good start for the first 6 months of 2016 in terms of the value of closed transactions.

It does lead me to the question as to what might be in store for Global M&A in 2016. There are a number of uncertainties in the world around political and economic climates. Does the unleashing of all of this closely guarded cash by corporates mean that the corporate buying spree seen in 2015 will slow down?

As always the trouble with having a truly great year is that come the 1st Jan at 12.01am, the previous year is pretty much forgotten and everything starts from zero again!

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