2016, the year of uncertainty and change!

So we have all made it through the first week back at work, New Year, Christmas, the US elections and Brexit, and have now confined all of these in our minds to “last year”, even if the latter two subjects continue to fill inches of newspaper columns!

I think most people around the world of M&A could have predicted that the record levels of global announced deals in 2015 would not be achieved in 2016; USD 6bn of announced deals was always going to be a very difficult number to trump (pardon the pun). Announced global deals in 2016 fell by 21 per cent to just over USD 4.7bn. While on face value this doesn’t look good, when put in the context of history 2016 is still the fourth-highest ever level of announced deals. There were still some pretty significant deals taking place, with 2016 chalking up 35 “mega deals” totalling USD 915bn and two of these deals - Sabmiller Plc’s USD 124bn takeover by AB Inbev and the USD 108bn acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T Inc - would place 5th and 10th respectively in a list of the Top 25 (by value) M&A deals announced (and completed) globally since 2000.  Given what an uncertain world we were looking at this time last year, companies and deal makers have proven once again that fortune favours the brave!

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