When a rumoured deal isn’t quite a rumoured deal

If you were to run a search in Google today looking for articles relating to a possible “Merger of Finnair and Scandinavian Airline Systems (SAS)”, then you would return a significant number of hits.

The statistics show it’s nearly time for Albion to sell Opta Sports Data

According to reports in yesterday’s press, the game is approaching full time for Albion Capital’s investment in Opta Sports Data, the London-based sports data company.

Doughty Hanson’s exit will be the fourth instalment in the buyout life of Vue Cinemas

This morning has seen the announcement by private equity firm Doughty Hanson that it is on the verge of selling Vue Cinemas to OMERS Private Equity and Alberta Investment Management Corporation, two Canada-based investment firms, for a reported £935m.

Free pet food for all in need?

Nestlé Purina has agreed to buy pet adoption website operator Petfinder in its first major digital acquisition, extending its animal welfare activities and strengtheng its position as a leading pet nutrition and care information provider.

Morgans Hotel Group board check in to review their options

Yesterday saw the board of Morgans Hotel Group, the New York based hotel operator, formally announce that it plans to review its “strategic options”.